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Aglona und die umliegenden historischen Erbes:
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NATURA 2000 Territory
Particular parts of the nature park’s territory are under state protection since 1931. The best part of the nature park is occupied by Cirisu Lake(6.3 km?) and Ruskulu Lake(0.12 km?) difficult of access, the waters of these lakes is rich in aquatic plants. The average depth of Cirisu Lake is 5 m, and the deepest spot is 10.5 m. The lake has 8 islands.
Adress: Aglona, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100, 

“Cirisu Lake” Nature Park – Devil’s Lake (Velnezers)
A transparent lake, which is said to have no bottom, is one of the lakes of Latgale (“the land of blue lakes”) that is surrounded by the largest number of legends.
Adress: Skeltovas parish, Aglonas district; GPS: 56.08394, 27.11660
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100, Valodas: LV, RU, DE, EN

Fintmuiza Oak
Secular trees are an important part of nature’s beauty and Latvian landscape. Secular trees are not only marvelous tourist objects, but also real “natural laboratories”: birds hatch their eggs in the hollows of the trees, and insects rustle there. The secular oak of Fintmuiza symbolizes the destiny and the endurance of the Latvian nation. The oak’s approximate age is 220 years.
There are two secular oak trees on the territory of Fintmuiza manor park. The larger of the two oaks is more than 5 meters circumference.
Adress: Fintmuiza, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district, GPS: 56.1237, 26.9216
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100, 

The Great Kameneca Stone
It is an archaeological monument. The height of the stone is 1.5 m, its width –2.7 m, the length –3.2 m, and its circumference on the ground level is 15 m. The recorded legends attest that there was a chapel on it; the chapel seated several tens of people. 
Adress: Jaunaglona, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district, GPS: 56.1631, 27.0060
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100, 

Madelanu Castle Mound
Madelanu Castle Mound is considered to be one of the most beautiful castle mounds in Latvia. Its relative height is 20 m. 
According to the chronicler J. Riviuss, Mindaugas (the King of Lithuania) and his sons Ruklis and Rupeikis were killed in Aglona in 1236 and buried there. Midaugs was married to Marta, the daughter of Madelanu Castle’s head.
Adress: Madelani, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district, GPS: 56.1222, 27.0430
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100; +371 26463455
E-mail: turisms@aglona.lve-pasts:,
Ruskuli Greater Stone
(Earlier called Devil’s Kiln) It is an archaeological monument. The stone’s circumference on the ground level is 5.80 m, its length –3.80 m, the width –2.20 m, and the height –2.10 m. 5 identical small cone-shaped hollows are carved in the highest spot of the stone; the diameter of the hollows is 5 cm, and their depth is 2.5 m. 
Adress: Ruskuli, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district, GPS: 56.1246, 26.9601
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100,